Adam(@atm4dchess) and Mike(@iowamichael) look at a current startup Mike is doing with complete strangers. What the difference is playing in a random league vs a patron league or industry league. The boys pull up an old superflex mock draft from 2017 for lesson time. Adam explains the perks of using draft picks as currency and how you can mitigate your risk. 

Stranger League, the edges you can get outside of the circle.⭕

Bestball strategy is still so new, exploiting the lineup mindset. 🧠

2017 SF Mock, what a shocker! ⚡

In as little as 5 years, the amount of 0’s is astounding.🤯

Draft Pick Value Fallacy.🥵

Player Safety Fallacy, a look at the 2021 ADP. ⏳

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