Adam(@atm4dchess) and Mike(@iowamichael) are joined by Director of Analytics at Destination Devy, Jordan Backes. JB and the boys dive into the future classes of 23 and 24 to paint a picture of what is coming down the pipe soon. They do some comparing of the two classes with the information we have right now and the quality of play of these classes in 2022. 

Riding the struggle bus, don’t fret, help is on the way.🚌

2023 Premium positions. How many QB’s and RB’s will be round 1 rookie draft targets?

The ancillary pieces of the 23 class.💳 

The 24 discount strategy, how to take advantage of your league. 🧮

24 class roundup.🤠

Tight Ends are sneaky good.🥷

Comparison of the two classes and the actionable advice.🤔

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