Mike(@iowamichael) and Adam(@atm4Dchess) are joined by Mr. Bob Lung(@bob_lung) to discuss the upcoming fantasy expo in Canton, OH. It’s only two months away now and Bob walks us through the history, what to do, and all the festivities. We also dive into his Fantasy Football Consistency Guide and how it will change your game for the better.Β 

How did The Expo start?

What is it? Why do you NEED to be there!?! TOGA TOGA TOGA!

Bob fills in newbies attending on what to do, and what you should make sure not to miss! 🍻🍻

THE Consistency Guide ❗❗❗

What does it mean to be consistent in FF and how can you use it? πŸ“š

Consistency in Bestball, our thoughts put to paper. ✐✎✏

Jacobs is like the Guide, go BUY IT! πŸ’Έ

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