In episode 48, @TheBenEby visits the desert states of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico for the 3rd episode of this years Elite Region Series. The QB and RB positions were about as scarce as finding water in the desert sand but we were able to track one at each position who were worth noting in QB Jordan Gile and RB Kevaughn Clark.

In the second half of the episode, it was all about the WRs and TEs and were there ever some BIG TIME prospects. From the goliath WRs Kyler Kasper, Deric English, & Ja’Kobi Lane to the massive TE potential in Duce Robinson and Jackson Bowers, Arizona was cooking! But the biggest talent of them all stands at only 5’9 and was the loan representative of Nevada. Be sure to take notes on USC WR commit Zachariah Branch as he is a SUPERSTAR.

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