In episode 51 of Elite Seekers, we give you the 6th installment of the #ELITEregion series. This week @TheBenEby visits the “50-yard line of America” to find you speed, speed, and more speed! 

The region we reviewed included Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The theme? BLAZING SPEED.

High school class of 2023 QBs Avery Johnson and Reed Harris both will clock around 4.5 40 times. The RB, John Randle II, has the bloodline to be a superstar. At WR, Cole Adams will blow the off of whatever defense he sees and there is a reason Alabama wants him. And lastly at TE, how about a Dawson Knox clone who loves to block guys into the dirt?

The moral of the story is that this region could be equally good at forming a track team as they will be on the gridiron!

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