Ray and JRich are joined by Scott Connor (@CharlesChillFFB) to draft with y’all live on Underdog Fantasy. Listen back as they discuss strategy, stack options and roster builds as they try to go WR early and backfill with running backs throughout the middle of the draft. Snipes galore

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The road to taking down the big board contest on underdog fantasy starts now, join us live as we discuss some of the latest news, strategy and how we can build lineups no matter where we are drafting from. We can always find spots to Draft for Upside.

In this video, we’ll teach you how to draft for upside and dominate your Underdog Fantasy Bestball drafts. Bestball is a unique format that requires a different strategy than traditional fantasy leagues. We’ll show you how to identify players with high upside, avoid potential busts, and build a winning roster. Our expert analysis and advice will help you navigate the draft and make the best picks for your team. Whether you’re a seasoned Underdog Fantasy player or new to the game, this video is packed with valuable tips and strategies to take your Bestball drafts to the next level. So, get ready to crush your competition and become a fantasy football champion!

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