Ray G and JRich dive into all of the latest news around the NFL surrounding the signing of Josh Jacobs, the trade request from Jonathan Taylor and Trey Lance headed to Dallas and what that may mean for the Cowboys. They also touch on some of the things they saw in Week 3 of the preseason and some of the takeaways from the final week of preparation for the regular season.

🏈 Experience the Highlights: Witness the jaw-dropping touchdowns, remarkable catches, and pivotal turnovers that set the stage for an exciting season ahead.

πŸ” Expert Analysis: Ray G and the team provide expert breakdowns of the strategic brilliance, player prowess, and emerging narratives that will shape the upcoming regular season.

πŸ“Š Key Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with insightful takeaways. Delve into player form, team dynamics, and strategic decisions that will impact the upcoming NFL battles.

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