Tap into the 4D Boys Adam(@atm4dchess) and Mike(@iowamichael) as they look at the much discussed topic of liquidity. Why is it beneficial? At what point should you be taking the veteran player over the pick? They look at different positions and apply the same thought process. Will the same concept apply to different player names at different positions? Don’t miss this banger! These are the small edges you can still get on your leaguemates.

Eagles are Super Bowl Bound!!🦅

The NFL is NOT Rigged. 🕶️

Swift or the Pick? 🤑

What’s the Cutoff point?🤔

Liquidity vs Other Positions of Need.🏈

Best Ball Liquidity Vs. Lineup.🥉

3rd Rounders as Tokens for UpTiers.🪙

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